The Brewers

We have a team of brewers

Professional brewer Kjell Wygant is well known for his diversity and creativity in both the brewing and local art culture.

Brewer Jason Butler has been the local homebrew supply manager since 2015. He brings his engineering and extensive homebrew background to the team.
Quality Control Manager, George Delena has a background in molecular biology bringing a very scientific skill set to the group.  

Founder of 105 West and General Manager Eric Seufert is a former US Army helicopter pilot, and also brought Castle Rock Homebrew Supply to the community.

None of our servers are just servers

Some of your servers work in other aspects of the brewing business increasing their skill set and knowledge of the industry. Everyone is paid a good wage and shares in revenue sharing system.

Our employees will be just as excited to serve you beer on Friday as they are to brew beer on Tuesday knowing that their compensation is the same. Our service to our customers in quality, friendliness, and being prompt.

Should this service ever be lacking, we would prefer you contact the manager so it can be addressed.